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part of the research project Present by Nature with Matilde Patuelli

Performance and installation realised in the spaces of Tunnel 50
Drop City during Fuoriasalone 22.

supported by Experiment Grant Scheme of Stimulering Fonds


Starting from the notion of the third landscape, it is that we decide to follow the narrating voice of nature in those lands where it reclaims its presence. Present by Nature sets out to experience and comprehend the natural ecosystems surrounding us, learning adaptation from inadaptation. Storytelling becomes a tool for shaping and sharing the experience, whereas fiction sets the pace for collecting a repertory of traces of collaborative research-creation. The traces can be reactivated and each time is to initiate a new iteration.

Here we follow the water as a guide and the infiltration as its map, to explore a space where the absence of human activity has created a refuge for the preservation of biological diversity. The intervention will unfold and emphatise the proliferation of the leakage, accompanying its flow around the tunnel and out of it, slowly discovering what this collusion of macro and micro scale can convey.

Infiltrazioni-poliferation of practices and methodologies Tunnel 50 is home to a series od interdisciplinary, collective activities led by a grupo of italian designers who reside abroad. Along the theme of infiltration-producing unexpected effects that permeate the substrate of a new context-the space’s resident designers intervetions aim to alter, animate, and interact with the public and locals from the Sammasrtini neighbourhood.

Here, infiltration means a contamination od practices and methodologies which proliferate through an abandoned space and reactivate it with a series od participatory workshops and design performances.

Inside the larger context of the Salone del Mobile, this intervntion brings an element of dissonance. interactive andd experienatial, it leaves a mark by sneaking in batween the impermeable surfaces of the prroducts on show.

Pictures by Alessandra Gatto and Marco Pelos