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part of the research project Present By Nature

In collaboration with Matilde Patuelli, supported by Waterschool M4H+ by Studio Makkink&Bey
Funded by Experiment Grant Scheme Fund by Stimulerings Fond

Geographies from the Gap is a non-verbal LARP (Live Action Role Play)

that aims to give the players a physical, explorative experience.
The players are introduced to the larp through a 1 hour workshop and the larp itself runs for approximately 1 hour.
This larp wants zoom into the life of the microscopic world of insects and plants, exploring their ability to constantly re-adapt their ecosystem in contexts under the ever ending influence of humans.

Humans live in a world. Every other species does too. According to the perspective these worlds might be the same, perfectly aligned, or different, irrevocably dissociated.

The intention is to record and collect the interdependence between the macro (zoom out) that observes the territory from a human perspective, and the micro (zoom in) that discovers the unfolding of the ecosystem/cosmology’s network, characteristic of the nature of the harbor areas.