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In collaboration with Matilde Patuelli, supported by Waterschool M4H+ by Studio Makkink&Bey
Funded by Experiment Grant Scheme Fund by Stimulerings Fond

Third Landscape as a biological necessity, conditioning the future of living things, modifies the interpretation of territory and enhances areas usually looked upon as negligible. It is up to the political body to organize ground division in such a manner as to assume responsibility for these undetermined areas, tantamount to concern for the future. –Gilles Clément

Present by Nature sets out to experience and comprehend the natural ecosystems surrounding us, parting from the human-like ideas and attitudes and learning adaptation and inadaptation from the geography around us. Thanks to LARP we shift the focus from questions of where things are to how they hang together, allowing the exploration, collection and archivation while existing on the micro-scale.

The design of prompts and suits has been designed in collaboration with Flora Lechner and realized by Flora Lechner.